With more than 70 years combined experience in our fully equipped R&D Department, and strong relationships with UK laboratories and testing houses, CRST has extensive reverse engineering capability.

We pride ourselves on being able to engineer out reliability issues, and the only way to do this is to fully understand the component, the materials, the assembly and the operation.

As a 145 workshop it is often frustrating to see the same components returning time after time, but in order to truly comprehend the failure mode of any part or component the review process can be extremely in-depth, as there are many reasons why something may fail. Whether a failure is due to the material(s) a part is manufactured from, how the unit is assembled, what environment it is exposed to, or how and by who it is operated, all contribute to why a unit may fail. In addition, any improvements made have to be modelled in the same way to ensure other issues are not created.

Something as simple as improving the weight characteristics of any component, could potentially result in a change to the components performance, and those that surround it. This is why CRST dedicate so much time and focus in this area.

CRS Technics giving your components more time on wing.