Striving to further reduce airline costs, galley equipment is a target for CRS Technics due to the nature of the component and volume of removals.

Water Heaters, Beverage Makers and Ovens, being in constant use have, some of the highest removals of any component, and result in higher than expected costs due to additional stock holding. To mitigate this CRS Technics offer a dedicated quick turn service in this shop, aiming for all repairs to be turned within 7 days or an exchange component supplied*, this way the customer can have confidence to keep their stock holding at a lower level.

As with all repairs, CRS Technics are constantly striving to improve reliability and extend life, and on galley equipment in addition to developing our own repairs and parts, CRS Technics look to the market for PMA availability and have the Research and Development team in conjunction with 21j assess the benefits of what is available. Once proven to be a superior part, CRS Technics offer the findings to the customer as an option to improved reliability going forward, and warrant the component accordingly. In addition CRS Technics can assist with IPC implementation of any alternate parts used.

As always, no Part 21j approved repairs or EPA/PMA parts are fitted without prior authorisation from the customer, and any such repairs and/or parts are used in conjunction with extended warranty terms.

With a wealth of experience, detailed reverse engineering ability, in-depth analysis and testing in partnership with an EASA Approved 21j Organisation, CRS Technics can repair out floors and faults as part of an enhanced repair on the component and offer an extended warranty.

CRS Technics giving your components more time on wing.