CRS Technics interior workshop offers a dedicated seat overhaul facility for the repair and overhaul of passenger, attendant and co-pilot / pilot seats.

Going the extra mile to ensure sets of passenger seats are released looking at their very best, CRS Technics ensures customers have confidence in your brand. Detailed repeat inspections throughout the service cycle of the seats eliminates any errors before they happen whilst offering an improved finished product, particularly noticeable on full sets of passenger seats.

As with all repairs, CRS Technics offers enhanced repairs across all seats by means of part 21j approval and our research and development teams.

A small sample of our expertise in engineering out issues include:

  • Captain / Co-Pilot Seat base repairs.
  • Captain / Co Pilot actuator PCB repairs.
  • Captain / Co Pilot shroud repairs.
  • Attendant seat modification to negate seatbelt damage issue.
  • Part21j EPA parts for Pax seat rebuilds.

As always, no Part 21j approved repairs or EPA/PMA parts would be fitted without prior authorisation from the customer, and any such repairs and/or parts would be used in conjunction with extended warranty terms.

With a wealth of experience, detailed reverse engineering ability, in-depth analysis and testing in partnership with an EASA Approved 21j Organisation, CRS Technics can repair out flaws and faults as part of an enhanced repair on the component and offer an extended warranty.

CRS Technics giving your components more time on wing.