With an experienced avionics team employed, CRS Technics offer a cost effective solution across a wide range of avionic components at competitive labour rates. Working to OEM publication CRS Technics will go the extra mile to soak test and return components sent to them with best possible confidence in the status of the unit using OEM repairs.

In addition, if CRS Technics identify the possibility of increased longevity to be offered in part 21j enhanced repair that can either extend life of the component or improve MTBR rates, CRS Technics will offer this as an option to the customer. CRS Technics Research and Development team can often repair, repopulate or redesign circuit boards in a wide range of components to a 21j Approved design, which would otherwise be scrapped. CRS Technics can even offer piece part repairs for expensive components condemned by other shops as ‘non-repairable’.

As always, no Part 21j approved repairs or EPA/PMA parts would be fitted without prior authorisation from the customer, and any such repairs and/or parts would be used in conjunction with extended warranty terms.

With a wealth of experience, detailed reverse engineering ability, in-depth analysis and testing in partnership with an EASA Approved 21j Organisation, CRS Technics can repair out flaws and faults as part of an enhanced repair on the component and offer an extended warranty.

CRS Technics giving your components more time on wing.